Sunday, November 14, 2010

Amir Khusro-Mohay Apnay Hi Rung Mein

Today I have posted a sufi Qalam by Hazrat Amir Khusro, it’s a very popular Qawali as well and sung by many Qawal’s. This Qalam contains many Urdu language words and can be easily understand, but it has deep meaning inside to understand that you have to think more. For Qawali lover’s, I have added its video as well in Ustad Nusrat Ali Khan’s voice.

Mohay apnay hi rung mein rung lay,
Tu to saaheb mera Mehboob-e-Ilaahi;
Mohay apnay hi rung mein……
Humri chundariya, piyaa ki pagariya,
Woh to donon basanti rung day;
Tu to saaheb mera …….
Jo kuch mangay rung ki rungaai,
Mora joban girvi rakhlay;
Tu to saaheb mera…….
Aan pari darbaar tehaaray,
Mori laaj saram sab rakh lay;
Tu to saaheb mera Mehboob-e-Ilaahi,
Mohay apnay hi rung mein rung lay.

English Translation

Dye me in your hue, my love,
You are my man, oh beloved of Almighty;
Dye me in your hue.
My scarf, and the beloved’s turban,
Both need to be dyed in the hue of spring;
Whatever be the price for dyeing, ask for it,
You can have my blossoming youth in mortgage;
Dye me in your hue.
I have come and fallen at your door step,
For you to safeguard my pride, my dignity,
You are my man, Oh beloved of Almighty,
Dye me in your hue.


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