Thursday, November 11, 2010

Amir Khusro- Sakal Bun Phool Rahi Sarson

This Qalam is a classical hits and all-time favorite. The Purbi lyrics and the raag bahar melody are both very inspirational and its contains many words in Urdu as well. A scene of exciting preparation taking place near a blooming yellow mustard field one winter's day is expertly drawn in just a few lines.

The music builds up in-step with the poetry and reaches its crescendo at the exact moment when the devotees arrive at the dargah of Hazrat Nizamuddin holding colorful bouquets in hand. But one particular devotee cannot be there to make an offering and one finds that despite all the excitement of the music and the scenery the poem is but a poet's confession of a broken promise long overdue.

Sakal bun (or Saghan bhun) phool rahi sarson,
Sakal bun phool rahi.....
Umbva phutay, tesu phulay, koyal bolay daar daar,
Aur gori karat singaar,
Malaniyan gadhwa lay aayin karson,
Sakal bun phool rahi.....
Tarah tarah kay phool lagaaye,
Lay gadhwa haathan mein aaye.
Nijamudin kay darwazay par,
Aawan keh gaye aashaq rung,
Aur beet gaye barson.
Sakal bun phool rahi sarson.

English Translation

The yellow mustard is blooming in every field,
Mango buds are clicking open, other flowers too;
The koyal chirps from branch to branch,
And the maiden tries her make-up,
The gardener-girls have brought bouquets.
Colourful flowers of all kinds,
In hands everyone’s bringing;
But Aashiq-rung (the lover), who had promised to come
To Nizamuddin’s house in spring,
Hasn’t turned up - its been years.
The yellow mustard is blooming in every field.


James said...


nawaz mujawar said...

Wow , But who has promised, n hasn't turned up yet ????
Didnt understand that...
Plz can someone explain me that ???

kinshuk das said...

Ashiq rang, the lover didn't turn up

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